BUSINESS PROCESS - (process automation, process design, process improvement, process management, automate).

What is a business process? Export model data for simulation, analysis and monitoring of business processes.

business process modeling add-on that allows users at any level to quickly and
effectively create, view, edit and publish models.
The information in Figure 4 presented adjacent to the activity are activity cost and duration, even for a business process. Other information
like resource, inputs/outputs may be selected for presentation as well.
To ease the model creation process FirstSTEP provides six different types of activities which exhibit predefin FirstSTEP is a comprehensive business process management tool giving business people the power to design,
document, analyze, refine, incrementally improve and make a clear business case for process change.
FirstSTEP ensures that all of Business Process Improvement or Reengineering projects’ pertinent information captured and well organized for analysis. FirstSTEP guides the user into taking a disciplined analytical look at the process in order to build a realistic model of the activities of the enterprise.

FirstSTEP is not just a process charting tool since its processes are "live" entities for which behavior is defined and dynamically evaluated during a simulation. Processes are linked to resources, departments, business objects and business rules creating a realistic
characteristics and capabilities: