Feeling the pressures of the electronic age? Are the complexities and security issues linked to e-business stopping you from taking that leap? Taking your business online need not be a hassle. PLAgent Transact are carefully built and designed to allow you to take advantage of internet-based proactive business marketing solutions in a secure and hassle-free environment. With PLAgent Transact, online transactions are as they should be…simple, quick and easy.

After years of research & development and a successful first phase of deployment, Pure logic has now launched a suite of products and proactive marketing solutions designed to allow a wide range of companies to streamline business operations by providing instant, dynamic and secure communication channels.

Our innovative products and proactive marketing solutions enable you to take control of your organization’s information flow by creating your very own private communication pipes. Private, secure and dynamic, these solutions allow you to communicate with all business partners, conduct transactions, and/or reach your market audience in real-time.

INSTANT, SECURE, DYNAMIC & REAL-TIME are just few fully integrated features offered through our proactive marketing solutions that aim one vital goal: STRENGTHENING your business relationship and fidelity.
Purelogic makes sure every step taken in providing a client with proactive marketing solutions blends in seamlessly with their traditional offline marketing projects. Having a clear and unified message is important not yo confuse your customer.

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