At MTL LIVE. our main line of business is composed primarily of a whole variety of glow products. These products attract the young and old alike. We have been in business in Canada for more than 10 years. Many of our products are used for Parties, Festivals and Special Events. Our clients requested to have complimentary party products so we added up a selection of them such as party hats, rave clothes, noise makers and other fun and interesting products. Everything you need to create a party atmosphere!We have also added an essential product, designed to make any special event spectacular. It is called KabukiTM and it's a manual streamer and confetti launcher. It is literally an explosion of paper and it can be used with no danger inside as well as outside. You will find in this catalogue, all our different products. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please don't hesitate to contact us. It will be our pleasure to help you.

Christmas Kit 2
12 Glitter Top Hats
12 Sequin Santa Hats
24 Crytal Necklaces
12 Pairs of Tinsel Maracas Gold

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Christmas rave party Kit 1
6 Reindeer Antlers
6 Noses
6 Santa Cap
6 Sequin Santa Hats
24 Crystal Necklaces
12 Pairs of Tinsel Maracas Silver

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Anja (25) wriggled and whistled with her German girlfriend, evidently having too good a time the parade's motto is "Love Rules" to be concerned about whether there would be one to come back to next year.

"They have been saying that for years now, there will always be one. This parade is for everyone and not just Germans GERMANY
Berlin's techno Love Parade draws the crowds
Lorne Cook

Bare flesh, pierced belly-buttons, fluorescent swimsuits or skin-tight pants thousands of dolled-up techno lovers streamed into Berlin on July 12 for the kick-off of Berlin's annual rave party, the Love Parade.
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